Taizhou Anyang International Trade Co., Ltd. is a modern agricultural service and solution provider with import and export rights. Our products range from seed cultivation to promotion, agricultural machinery sales and rice machinery sales, providing customers with solutions for the whole industrial chain.Our mission is simple....Seek management by cooperation, seek service by quality, seek people by good faith.

We aim for a common future, share the joy of success with true partners, we are trustworthy and passionate in our work, and we seek the real needs of our customers.

Our performance is supported by our deep insight into the different levels of rice production, as well as the extensive experience gained over the years working together and supporting the transformation of our customers' businesses.

We have development and outsourcing centers in Asia.In addition, we have a genuine respect for the intrinsic values and business practices of different countries and regions.We provide our customers with optimal solutions to ensure their business success.


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The world around us is changing all the time.To continue to thrive in the coming years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will grow our business in the years ahead and act quickly to face the challenges that lie ahead.Today we must prepare for tomorrow.The vision of Anyang International is to "create the first value in the agricultural industry".Anyang International has been committed to research and development, production and agricultural technologies and solutions to build smart agriculture and connect the whole world.



Dr.Hong graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University, majoring in Crop Genetics and breeding, and studied under Mr. Fu Tingdong, a great academician major in Chinese Academy of Engineering crop research. Dr.Hong have extensive contacts with many research institutions. Like, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences institution of Genetics, Proficient in crop genetic and molecular technology, such as SSR, AFLP, SNP, etc., cooperate with BGI gene company in the whole genome re sequencing of rice samples.

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At Anyang International we are only committed to providing high quality products.We now offer products all over the world.We are constantly challenging and expanding our long-term business to achieve success with our partners around the world.

We provide one package serviceMake the world a better place and create better value for our customers.